Function of Beauty – it’s always a good hair day!

The new beauty trend – customisable haircare

I have realised over these past few weeks that quarantine life has the potential to be an unhappy life.

Especially when my top talents on a down day are apparently overthinking, having emotional meltdowns and frequent overeating.

Fortunately, for help in times like these, I also have another talent – online shopping.

My most recent purchase, my very own custom shampoo.

For anybody who hasn’t heard of Function of Beauty, it is a company selling personalised hair care, formulated just for you.

Being a lover of all things extravagant and having never really found the right shampoo, the advertisements taunted me on social media for months.

Finally, on the night of the 28th of March, the right combination of bravery and the aforementioned ‘lockdown meltdown’ resulted in me (and my credit card) giving in.

I have to say, it was a very good decision.

  1. Placing my order.

When you arrive on the website, you are invited to take the ‘hair quiz’ to determine your unique formula.

First, you enter your hair profile (type, thickness, moisture). There is even a section on how to tell what yours is like if you are unsure.

You then select your hair “goals” – what you want your hair to be like. There are 18 to choose from, and you can pick up to five.

When pressed, there is a definition to describe each “goal” and what ingredients are used.

I chose to hydrate, lengthen, control oil, give thermal protection and to add shine.

Next, you can add your name to the bottle, choose your fragrance, fragrance strength and colour. I went for the natural eucalyptus and peppermint scent, in pale green to suit. Dye and fragrance free are also available.

The shampoo and conditioner are available in 16 or 8oz bottles – you can buy them both the same size, can mix and match the sizes depending on which you use most, or just buy one.

You can also buy other products such as customised leave-in treatment, hair masks and even travel bottles on the website.

I would definitely recommend subscribing to Function Plus when you order.

It is free to do and means you get free shipping and access to exclusive, limited edition fragrances. You can choose what delivery schedule you would like (every 2, 3 or 6 months) and can cancel or amend your formula at any time if it isn’t for you.

2. Receiving my order.

If you are in the UK like me, you can expect your order to take around 2 weeks to arrive. Understandable, considering the personalisation and fact it is coming from the US.

My pale green eucalyptus hair care

My order actually arrived a day earlier than expected (always a bonus).

I was so excited when I saw that my new purchase had arrived on my doorstep, I think I actually hung up on my Dad (sorry Dad!).

A little manual was included in the box

When I opened the package, the bottles did not disappoint. They arrived with a little card detailing the ingredients and how to use the product according to my hair goals. They also came with gorgeous stickers for me to further personalise the bottles.

The product came with little stickers to make the bottles even more personal!

3. The results – is it worth the hefty price tag?

After almost one week of using my new shampoo and conditioner, I have to say that my hair feels the healthiest it has ever been.

I went for the strongest fragrance and it is just enough to leave my hair smelling great for the couple of days in-between washes!

However, at an average of £30 per order – is it too pricey for a fad that could do the same job as something you can purchase at the supermarket?

My biggest problems were dry, dull and frizzy ends, but quite greasy at the top. But now, after every wash, my hair feels salon smooth, healthy and soft. It has also been able to rejuvenate my blonde highlights – something I’ve never been able to achieve with other brands.

It has personally been the most successful and most exciting shampoo purchase I have ever made!

So, for a customisable product which boasts factors such as being vegan and cruelty free and which WORKS – I expect to pay a lot for it, so don’t mind as much.

That being said, if you do end up taking the quiz incorrectly, resulting in a formula that doesn’t agree with your hair type, I can understand how you could easily think that you have wasted quite a large amount of money.

If this ends up being the case for you – I have contacted the Function of Beauty team on Facebook and via email with questions throughout my time shopping with them, and they are always prompt and helpful in their replies, so I do have faith that they would sort any issue for you.

In future, thanks to Function of Beauty, even if I’m having the biggest of lockdown meltdowns – I can rest assured that my hair won’t be!

I hope you are all staying safe, happy and well.

Kathryn 🙂

P.S. If you do decide to place an order, contact me via my Instagram @_thelifeofkathryn and I can refer you for $5 off!

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