Recipe: Utterly Amazing Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Credit: Kathryn Austin

I don’t know about you fellow bakers out there, but for me, it has always seemed impossible to create the perfect chocolate chip cookie – crispy on the outside, melted and gooey on the inside.

There have always been 2 parts to my problem:

  1. The recipe (quantities of flour, types of sugar etc)
  2. Getting the baking process right

They go hand in hand, mastering one is useless if you can’t master the other.

So, not one to let a baking disaster (or twelve) get me down, I set about trying to solve both of my problems.

  1. The recipe

Believe me, I’ve tried every single recipe out there – all to no avail.

That is, until I found this one!

I would like to thank Tasty for finally introducing me to a recipe that works!

(Click here to see it)

I substituted the dark chocolate for milk (which I recommend) and added white chocolate chips (because why not?!)

What was interesting for me was the addition of espresso powder – I had never done this before, but definitely noticed a difference. It seems to give the cookies a richer flavour and deeper, darker colour.

2. The baking

As the recipe suggests, I baked the cookies on 180C, for around 10-12 minutes.

You will find that they do not look cooked when you take them out, but if you leave them to cool for a little while, you will find that they soon solidify.

If in doubt however, give them a little bit longer in the oven – they’ll still be delicious!

At long last, this temperature and time worked perfectly!

They do have a ‘wrinkle’ to them, but I think that just proves how impressively homemade they are! 😉

I have even frozen some of the dough so I can experience the cookie joy again soon – hassle free!

Top Tip: Only put a maximum of three cookies on the a lined baking sheet at one time. This is more time consuming, but it avoids the possibility of the dreaded spread into one ginormous cookie – something I have experienced many a time!

So, if you’re like me and have never been able to master the chocolate chip cookie – have a go at this recipe, and, as the nights grow colder, spend the time you are at home wisely by cozying up with one of your creations and a cold glass of milk…

You won’t regret it! 🙂

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